Meeting Point: „Benefits, challenges and limitations of counselling”
aidsfocus Meeting Points Meeting Point: „Benefits, challenges and limitations of counselling”

29.07.2010 Bern | Councelling is a key element and entry point in a comprehensive HIV and AIDS response.

Mrs Jabu Mthethwa, Program Site Coordinator of the integrated HIV and AIDS partnership program in a resource poor setting in Swaziland – a partnership program of the Swiss Red Cross - will share with us her knowledge and experience in counselling women and men, young and old people. Mrs Maria Katula, midwife and Swiss Red Cross delegate in Swaziland, will contribute to the discussion on benefits, challenges and limitation of counselling. provides a platform – a meeting point – for discussion, reflection and joint learning based on the grass root experiences of partners.

Venue: Swiss Red Cross, Rainmattstrasse 10, Bern
Language: English. There is no official translation.
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Benefits, challenges and limitations of counselling. Presentation by Jabu Methtwa

On the occasion of the Meeting Point, Jabu Mthethwa of the Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society shared with partners and others her knowledge on counselling in the context of HIV and AIDS, based on extensive experience and training and opened up a lively discussion. Counselling is seen as one of the key elements in the success of early treatment and adherence.

Jabu understands counselling basically as empowering the client to develop coping strategies. Counsellors need to be equipped with integrated counselling skills and be a good communicator. Counsellors should have abroad understanding of HIV/AIDS and should be aware of cultural, religious and other influences to be able to respect and respond according to clients need and support the client and family going through emotionally and psychological reactions. Meeting Point „Benefits, challenges and limitations of counselling”.pdf — (1263 kB)