GFAN Statement on the Global Fund Investment Case  Announcement
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GFAN Statement on the Global Fund Investment Case Announcement

www.gfan - "January 11, 2019: GFAN and its members welcome the Global Fund’s Investment Case summary released today in France by President Macron for its clear articulation that we are not yet on track to reach the targets of ending the three diseases by 2030 and that we must significantly step up our response to get back on track.

We are however concerned that the $US14 billion funding target set for the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment will not be enough to achieve this vital task. This target is significantly lower than the need calculated in our Get Back On Track Report published in July 2018 in which we made a strong case for significant increases in funding to the Global Fund with a replenishment target of US$16.8 to 18 billion.

We remain concerned that with foreign exchange fluctuations and changes in pricing, that this is barely more than a maintenance level ask.  Additionally, we are concerned about the reliance on such a significant increase (48%) in domestic resource mobilization numbers when the Summary provides few clues as to whether that increase is realistic, achievable or desirable in how we fund the response to the 3 diseases.

We are keen to see the detail behind these summary numbers and look forward to the release of the full Investment Case, with its methodology and modelling, to better understand the assessment underlying this summary.

The $US 14 billion is critically needed to maintain current lifesaving programming, ensure people currently supported will not be left without treatment or protection, but without evidence, we believe it may not be sufficient to scale the response needed to get us back on track to meet our global targets.

With this replenishment, we feel the Global Fund is at a turning point in its history: will it actually be able to accelerate the end of these diseases or will it be limited to the vital, but ultimately more costly, task of fighting the ongoing battle to sustain the gains – saving and improving millions of lives every day, but not hastening the end of these epidemics.

As the investment case itself highlights, the most effective – and only – way to sustain the gains over the long term, in the face of resistance and other threats is to end these epidemics. We know how to accelerate the end of these diseases, we have the tools and science, but without significantly higher levels of global funding, including for the Global Fund, we simply are not going to get there by 2030."

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