Prevention of HIV/AIDS in Central Africa
Institut Tropical Suisse

Prevention of HIV/AIDS in Central Africa

The general objective of the project is to contribute to the reduction of the infection rate with HIV (and other sexually transmitted diseases) as well as the stigmatization and social marginalization of the victims, the people living with HIV and AIDS.

The specific objectives are to improve the supply with high quality condoms at subsidized prices and the handling, the attitude and the behavior of the population, in particular those representing a particularly high risk group. In a first phase, it is planned to integrate the three ongoing bilateral programs of social marketing in Cameroon, Chad and Central African Republic. In a later phase, the program will be able to perform in other States of the CEMAC.

Output 1. In the sale of condoms (approximately 120 million in 3 years) . 2. Existence of a powerful distribution network, adapted to the needs of the target groups. 3. Control of cross border sales of condoms with appropriate measurements. 4. Improvement of HIV and AIDS knowledge of the target groups regarding: relationship between the HIV infection and the abstinence, the fidelity of the partners and the use of condoms. 5. Modification of the behavior of the target groups regarding sexuality, stigmatization and marginalization.

Location Republic of Cameroon, Republic of Chad, Central African Republic

Partners - Organisation to coordinate the fight against diseases in Central Africa (OCEAC) - National Social Marketing Associations in Cameroon, Chad and the Central African Republic - National AIDS control programs UNFPA, WHO and UNAIDS (February 2012)