Meeting Point: Good food - good health
aidsfocus Meeting Points Meeting Point: Good food - good health

09.09.2010 Bern | The relevance of nutrition for people living with HIV and AIDS is the topic discussed at the Meeting Point. Farai Mahaso shares strategies and experiences of the Bantanai HIV and AIDS Service Organisation, Zimbabwe, a partner of fepa.

Good nutrition can help to maintain and improve the health and the quality of life of people living with HIV and AIDS. It can delay the progression from HIV to AIDS-related diseases. However, good nutrition cannot cure AIDS or prevent HIV infection or be a substitute for antiretroviral treatment. A healthy and balanced diet helps to maintain and improve the performance of the immune system and therefore helps a person to stay healthy.

Good nutrition will complement and reinforce the effect of any medication taken.

Farai Mahaso, coordinator of the Batanai HIV and AIDS Service Organisation will share with us experiences and strategies in Zimbabwe. Some questions to be discussed:

• How does Batania deal with the demand for a healthy and balanced diet for people living with HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe, especially in areas with a low resource base and food shortage?
• What role does nutrition play in the support of people living with HIV? How do home based vegetable and herbal gardens contribute to the wellbeing of people living with HIV and AIDS?
• What does Batanai do on the relevance of nutrition in the HIV response on the advocacy level? provides a platform – a meeting point – for joint discussion and reflection.

All persons interested in the issues of health and nutrition are most welcome to participate and share ideas and experiences.

  • Venue: Afro-European Medical and Research Network (AEMRN), Neuengasse 8 (4th floor), 3011 Bern (5 min. from the station, exit Neuengasse).
  • Time: 14.15-16.45
  • Language: English
  • Registration: (Registration not required, but helps organising)

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