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For young activists and youth organizations - Making the money work for young people: a participation tool for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

This tool has been developed in collaboration between the PACT—a global alliance of 25 youth organizations working on HIV—UNAIDS and the Global Fund Secretariat. It aims to increase young people’s effective and meaningful participation in the Global Fund, with a specific emphasis on opportunities to participate at the national level.

The tool has the following objectives:

1. Provide practical guidance to youth activists at the country level on how they can participate in the Global Fund and ensure Global Fund grants are invested strategically to ensure programmes for young people have maximum impact.

2. Provide guidance to Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs)—the entities that coordinate the development and submission of funding requests to the Global Fund, and that oversee the implementation of grants—so that they effectively and meaningfully engage young people.

This tool has two parts: Part one is for young people and youth organizations, and Part two is for CCMs and other key Global Fund actors. While this tool focuses primarily on HIV issues, it also can be used to guide the participation of young people working on tuberculosis (TB) and malaria. (UNAIDS 2014)

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