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Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

An award-winning training package on HIV/AIDS, gender issues, communication and relationship skills.

The manual was designed to enable women and men of all ages to explore their social, sexual and psychological needs, to analyse the communication blocks they face, and to practise different ways of behaving in their relationships. The workshop aims to enable individuals, their peers and their communities to change their behaviour - individually and together - through the ‘stepping stones’ which the various sessions provide.

The manual was designed for use in existing HIV/AIDS projects, and in general development projects which plan to introduce an on-going AIDS component. It is designed for use by a team of skilled people - ideally two male, two female - who work with peer groups of community members. Experienced trainers should be able to use the material straight away.

Stepping Stones grew out of the need to address the vulnerability of women and young people in decision-making about sexual behaviour. The ABC of AIDS (Abstain! Be faithful! use Condoms!) on its own does not work. Lectures on AIDS are too simplistic. The materials enable people to explore the huge range of issues which affect our sexual health - including gender roles, money, alcohol use, traditional practices, attitudes to sex, attitudes to death and our own personalities.

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