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Sakhi Saheli – promoting gender equity and empowering young women: a training manual

Women’s heightened vulnerability to HIV is influenced by some of the major inequalities between women and men in various aspects of living. This manual aims to promote critical reflection on the social construction of gender that promotes inequality and women’s vulnerabilities, and to create support for challenging these norms so as to enhance women’s adoption of risk reduction practices.

The manual is aimed at peer educators, community and health educators, teachers and/or other professionals working, with young women aged 16 to 24 years. Its main sections look at:

  • gender and identity •
  • sexuality, reproductive health and rights •
  • violence •
  • motherhood and care giving •
  • preventing and living with HIV/AIDS.

Each section includes a series of educational activities based on participatory methods including role plays, games and interactive activities aimed at engaging young women in discussion, debate and critical thinking. (Population Council, 2008)

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