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The Global Fund Strategy 2012-2016: Investing for impact
Le fonds mondial de lutte contre le sida, la tuberculose et le paludisme (FMSTP)

The Global Fund Strategy 2012-2016: Investing for impact

At its meeting in November 2011, the Global Fund Board adopted a new strategy for the period 2012-2016. The Strategy comes at a crucial juncture in the lead-up to the 2015 Millennium Development Goals deadline. Promising new technologies and interventions are emerging and there is now a real opportunity to significantly alter the trajectory of the epidemics.

The Strategy seeks to capitalize on this opportunity. It commits the Global Fund to work with countries and partners, and transform itself, to sustain and accelerate existing gains in the fight against the three diseases. It defines how the Global Fund will aim to build on past successes and investments, evolve to address challenges, and shift to a new model of “investing for impact”.

The Global Fund aspires to contribute substantially to international goals by saving 10 million lives and preventing 140-180 million new infections from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria between 2012 and 2016. These goals are complemented by disease-specific targets aligned with the global targets set by UNAIDS, the World Health Organization, and the Stop TB and Roll Back Malaria partnerships.

To achieve this, the Global Fund will “invest for impact”, based on five strategic objectives:

1. Invest more strategically in areas with high potential for impact and strong value for money, and fund based on countries’ national strategies;

2. Evolve the funding model to provide funding in a more proactive, flexible, predictable and effective way;

3. Actively support grant implementation success through more active grant management and better engagement with partners;

4. Promote and protect human rights in the context of the three diseases; and

5. Sustains the gains, mobilize resources – by increasing the sustainability of supported programs and attracting additional funding from current and new sources.

The Strategy is the outcome of a process involving the development, testing and refinement of ideas throughout 2011, including through consultations with a diverse group of stakeholders. (2011)


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