Déclarations politiques au le VIH / SIDA

NGO Code of Good Practice

The Code of Good Practice for NGOs Responding to HIV/AIDS was developed by non-governmental organisations (NGOs), for NGOs, drawing on the knowledge and experience gained since the response to HIV began.

The Code sets out the key principles, practice and evidence base required for successful responses to HIV with the aim of:

  • assisting NGOs to improve the quality and cohesiveness of our work and our accountability to partners and beneficiary communities
  • fostering greater collaboration between the variety of NGOs now actively engaged in responding to the AIDS pandemic

renewing the 'voices' of NGOs responding to HIV by enabling us to commit to a shared vision of good practice in programming and advocacy.

The Code Self - Assessment Tool

Introducing the new Code SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL! Put the Code's principles into practice and assess how your NGO's programmes measure up to good practice principles. The NGO Code of Good Practice
Code Resources: What does the Code say?
Read the Introduction in Chapter 1 or download the Executive Summary.

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