Award for "Get on IT" in Lesotho at the AIDS 2018

Award for "Get on IT" in Lesotho at the AIDS 2018

CIPHER Grant for Dr Alain Amstutz and the project and the study "Get on IT" (“GETting tOwards Ninety In Teens”) in Lesotho at the International AIDS Conference 2018 in Amsterdam. The aim of the project is an improved diagnosis and treatment of HIV positive adolescents.

Central elements are HIV self-tests, decentralized drug supply in the communities, as well as support from youth groups. The project is jointly carried out by SolidarMed, the Swiss TPH, the Biomedical Department of the University of Basel and the Ministry of Health of Lesotho.

Alain Amstutz: "The CIPHER grants me and my team to focus on our clinical research." It is a great honor becoming a grantee of such a prestigious funding body career. "(Photo: Alain Amstutz at the awards @ AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam / © SolidarMed)

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