New platform for reports of human rights violations in Global Fund programs launched

aidspan, May 2015 - Interested parties will now be able to report alleged human rights violations or infringements occurring in programs or activities supported by the Global Fund using a new complaints mechanism launched by the Global Fund.

Complaints may be made either by telephone or email, or using a form available on the Global Fund website. Complainants are encouraged to detail which of the five minimum human rights standards may have been violated by a grant implementer -- at the sub-recipient, or principal recipient level. A first response to complaints will be made within 48 hours.

“The Global Fund needs to know about any human rights infringements in the programs we support,” Inspector General Mouhamadou Diagne said in a statement released by the Fund. “We encourage all to speak up using our whistle-blowing channels which are free, safe and confidential.”


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