Media Fumbles HIV Decriminalization Bill

Media Fumbles HIV Decriminalization Bill - "When it comes to California’s new HIV decriminalization bill, even respected liberal news outlets are getting it wrong. On Friday, California governor Jerry Brown signed a historic bill (SB 293) that finally addresses outdated laws that unjustly criminalize those living with HIV. That's cause for celebration. The only problem is, that's not how the story is being reported by the media at large—which ultimately undermines the bill’s intended goal of reducing stigma around the chronic condition.

“California Lowers Penalty for Knowingly Exposing Partners to HIV,” read CNN’s headline about the passing of SB 293. The Los Angeles Times' headline, “Knowingly Exposing Others to HIV Will No Longer Be a Felony in California,” was no better.

While these headlines are technically correct, they are also misleading and contradictory to the true intentions of the bill." (Photo: Newspaper rack/Jon S/flickr, CC BY 2.0)

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