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Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS is the process of integrating the approach to HIV/AIDS as a transversal topic in organisations and programmes and tackling it on as many levels as possible. Mainstreaming complements specific HIV/AIDS interventions such as large-scale information campaigns, the establishment of testing facilities or services relating to the treatment of infected individuals.

Mainstreaming activities help to link specific HIV/AIDS interventions of this kind and tend to act on two levels: firstly by approaching the question of HIV/AIDS in the workplace (education of employees, provision of preventive materials such as condoms, considering the problem of AIDS in employment contracts, payment of medical costs and provision of social benefits by the employer, etc.); secondly, by making HIV/AIDS part of the project management cycle - from the initial analysis of needs through implementation to evaluation.

Each sector and each project considers the impact of the epidemic on its work and target groups and the impact of programmes and their potential for influencing the HIV/AIDS situation.

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NEWLANDS CLINIC – gezielte Entwicklung, neue Perspektiven

NEWLANDS CLINIC – gezielte Entwicklung, neue Perspektiven

Ruedi Lüthy Foundation, Zimbabwe | Seit der Eröffnung der ambulanten Klinik im Jahre 2003 konnte wichtiges Know-How zur richtigen Behandlung von HIV-infizierten Menschen ins Land ... moremore

Bild - Christliche Basisgemeinden

Christliche Basisgemeinden für eine langfristig wirksame Entwicklung

Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund, Congo, Democratic Republic of the | Seit mehreren Jahren unterstützt Fastenopfer die Aktivitäten der bischöflichen Kommission der christlichen Basisgemeinden Communautés Ecclésiales ... moremore

Health promotion and System Strengthening (HPSS)

Health promotion and System Strengthening (HPSS)

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Tanzania | The Swiss TPH is currently (2011-2015) implementing the SDC-funded Health Promotion and System Strengthening (HPSS) project in Tanzania whose ... moremore

Waisenkinder in Tansania

Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe für Aidswaisen in Tansania

World Vision Switzerland, Tanzania | Obwohl sich die Ausbreitung von HIV/ AIDS in den letzten Jahren reduzierte und Unwissenheit und Vorurteile der Bevölkerung im Projektgebiet Kagera in ... moremore