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Sexual and reproductive health including HIV/AIDS

Sexual and reproductive health including HIV/AIDS

Reproductive health services are no longer limited to population control and safe motherhood. The women's movement has drawn attention to the implications of human rights for women's health, which goes beyond their reproductive capacity and includes a gendered approach to issues such as HIV/AIDS and sexually-transmitted infections (STIs). The HIV/AIDS epidemic has a dramatic impact on the social and economic situation of individuals, communities and societies. The style of interventions that health managers and professionals need to provide has therefore also substantially changed.

The module builds on core aspects of SRHR, highlighting:

  • improving antenatal, perinatal, postpartum and newborn care
  • providing family planning, including infertility services
  • eliminating unsafe abortion
  • combating sexually transmitted infections, reproductive and urinary tract infections
  • promoting sexual health for all segments of the population

Different approaches for countries with high and low HIV/AIDS prevalence will be discussed.

Rights-based approaches on sexuality will form a basis for further study on sexual health. Participants will explore their own norms and values in relation to sexuality and the way this affects service delivery.

HIV/AIDS care and support including HAART, VCT, multi-sectoral planning and mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS are key elements of the course, as are issues such as stigma and discrimination in the health sector and ethical health care practices.


Further information

Start date: 09-03-2015
End date: 27-03-2015
Duration: 3 weeks
Application deadline: 09-01-2015
Location: KIT Training Centre, Amsterdam
Language: English
Fee: € 2010 (2015)

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