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The Memory Work Trainer's Manual
Memory Work

The Memory Work Trainer's Manual

The memory work trainer's manual, published by HealthLink worldwide and NACWOLA, guides trainers through a course to support parents, guardians and carers affected by HIV and AIDS, by helping them to:

Share information, hopes and fears with their children • Strengthen each child's sense of identity and belonging • Plan for the future care of their children

The manual is written to support trainers with all levels of experience, but all with need some basic HIV and AIDS training and knowledge. It guides trainers through a course that is designed to be delivered to: • Parents and other family members living with HIV and AIDS • Future guardians of children affected by HIV and AIDS • Community workers and volunteers working with children and families affected by HIV and AIDS.

The manual draws significantly on the experiences and ideas of NACWOLA trainers and trainees, as well as those of Healthlink Worldwide and others. We see it as a living document that can be adapted and improved over time, informed by our growing experience.

The Memory Work Trainer's Manual.pdf — (721 kB)