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Scaling-up HIV testing and counselling (TC) services

The toolkit published by WHO provides references offering practical guidance on the processes of planning and implementing testing and counselling services in resource-limited settings. In order to ensure the broadest possible access and use the toolkit will be available in several formats, including hard copy, CD-ROM and an Internet version. The toolkit will also be regularly updated to keep the list of tools as current as possible.

Who is it for? The toolkit is a resource for people involved in setting up or scaling up HIV testing and counselling services. It has a target audience of programme managers and implementers and their partners in the public and private sectors, including nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations (CBOs) and faith-based organizations (FBOs).

The toolkit is organized in the following sections: - Introduction - Guiding principles - Components of HIV counselling and testing services - Additional resources for HIV testing and counselling.

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