Thank God for PrEP

Thank God for PrEP - "I take PrEP and fight for other women to take PrEP so that we can end the HIV epidemic". Scotchy* is a 24-year-old oral PrEP user and mother to a 9-year old daughter. She is a sex worker who also works with the Centre for Sexual Health & HIV/AIDS Research (CeSHHAR) in Zimbabwe.

At this clinic, sex workers can obtain treatment and other clinical services in a safe, nonjudgmental setting. Scotchy mobilizes young sex workers to visit the center and get the services they need.

How has HIV affected your community or you personally?
HIV and AIDS completely destroyed my life. I didn’t know my father, my mother died of AIDS, my uncle died of AIDS, and some of my nieces also died of AIDS in front of me. In terms of the community, it really affected me a lot, because [the community] looked upon us as people who were cursed. People discriminated [against] me; they stigmatized me." (Photo: World Deliver Conference 2016/ © Leah F. Bohle)

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