In a crisis of accountability what is next for UNAIDS?

In a crisis of accountability what is next for UNAIDS? - "Like many others, I am horrified by UNAIDS’ inadequate response to multiple alleged human rights violations experienced by women in its employment. By Christine Stegling (Christine Stegling is the executive director of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance).

These alleged violations and the lack of a strong response by UNAIDS executive director Michel Sidibé and the rest of the organisation’s leadership is even more upsetting for an agency that stresses the specific vulnerabilities of women to HIV infection. When the scandal first broke, I urged Michel to take swift action to get UNAIDS in order and rebuild trust and confidence in the organisation. Clearly this has not happened. Now, as the leader of an Alliance of civil society organisations working together to end AIDS, I am voicing my concerns about UNAIDS’ ability to play a key coordinating role in the HIV response.

As civil society we have had a love–hate relationship with UNAIDS over many years. Many fought for a UN agency that is different, that creates a space for activists, communities and those most affected by HIV to work in meaningful partnership with governments, donors and UN agencies to address the multiple facets of HIV – which we all know need our collective energy, wisdom, knowledge and passion." (Photo: AMISOM Public Information/flickr, CC0 1.0)

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