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AIDSPortal is a joint initiative of the UK Consortium on AIDS & International Development and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. The global AIDSPortal website has brought the power of social networking to the largest online community in the HIV & AIDS sector.

AIDSPortal’s vision is a more connected, equitable and effective community response to global health issues. The mission is to use ICT to increase the effectiveness of community-based organisations. The target group that AIDSPortal seeks to serve is community-based organisations that work with people who are most affected by HIV, particularly vulnerable and marginalised populations.

AIDSPortal believes that better connecting communities through community based organisations will result in a more effective community response to HIV. Information and communication technology (ICT) plays an essential role in ensuring these connections are made. The rapid increase in mobile phone and Internet coverage in countries affected by HIV now offer cost effective mechanisms to better reach and connect communities. ICT can help connect CBOs and enable them to coordinate information and access services that assist them. It can also scale quickly and cost effectively.

AIDSPortal seeks to achieve its mission by the following:

  • Maintaining a global information hub ( for CBOs and those involved in the response to HIV, acting as an information facilitator.
  • Providing an open-source web platform called Nexus for creating websites for networks and organisations. Nexus is designed to better connect communities an meet knowledge sharing and networking needs.
  • Better connecting CBOs enabling them to better signal their effectiveness to others, via Nexus and other projects.
  • Building the ICT capacity of existing networks that link CBOs. Working with networks helps to increase reach within communities.

When you join AIDSPortal, you become part of a community of people from around the world committed to the AIDS response. You can connect and share information with individuals, groups, organisations and experts around the world.

Key features:

  • Contribute information. Share your work
  • Search for the latest HIV publications, news, events, jobs and grants
  • Promote your organisation's work, signal its effectiveness - Start an AIDSPortal Group
  • Email alerts new AIDSPortal resources
  • Participate in an eForum. (2011)

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