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IPPF: A framework for priority action

This framework proposes a set of key policy and programme actions to strengthen linkages between sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS programmes. These linkages work in both directions, by integrating HIV/AIDS issues into ongoing sexual and reproductive health programmes, and conversely, sexual and reproductive health issues into HIV/AIDS programmes.

This should enhance sexual and reproductive health, contribute to the reversal of the AIDS epidemic and mitigate its impact. Based on experience and programming realities, four priority areas have been identified where linkages are likely to lead to important public health benefits.

Selecting which action to support will depend on the national context and the local situation, including HIV prevalence, as well as the organization and use of health services.

For example, in settings with high prevalence of HIV infection and high utilization of family planning services, offering all family planning clients the opportunity to learn their HIV status would likely enhance the quality of family planning services and make an important contribution to HIV prevention efforts. This approach may not be as useful, however, in settings with low HIV prevalence and poor utilization of family planning services.

Stronger linkages between SRH and HIV/AIDS programmes should lead to a number of important public health benefits. (2009)

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