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Plate-forme suisse «VIH/sida et coopération internationale»


High Level Meeting in New York!!

MMS/ participates as representative of the civil society






Targets by 2030

95-95-95 HIV treatment
200'000 New adult HIV infections
ZERO discrimination




Questionnaire sur le site web

Targets by 2020

90-90-90 HIV treatment
500'000 New adult HIV infections
ZERO discrimination

35'300'000 personnes ont été infectées par le VIH en 2012.

Tous heure 50 jeunes femmes sont infectées par le VIH.

Bienvenue chez, la plate-forme suisse «VIH/sida et coopération internationale»

c/o Medicus Mundi Suisse
Murbacherstrasse 34
4056 Basel

Téléphone +41 (0)61 383 18 10


Avril 2019 - Thème du mois: Leave no Youth behind

Avril 2019 - Thème du mois: Leave no Youth behind terre des hommes schweiz (tdhs) enables young people to get involved in preventing and dealing with HIV/AIDS. Experiences in the field have proved that HIV-positive young people need understanding and openness within their families, youth-orientated healthcare services and, if necessary, psychological support in order to exercise personal responsibility for their health. Using the example of their partner ... continuemore


Notre Engagement

GFAN Statement on the Global Fund Investment Case Announcement

www.gfan - "January 11, 2019: GFAN and its members welcome the Global Fund’s Investment Case summary released today in France by President Macron for its clear articulation that we are not yet on ... continuemore