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EDUCAIDS - A Comprehensive Education Sector Response

EDUCAIDS, The Global Initiative on Education and HIV & AIDS, seeks to promote, develop and support comprehensive education sector responses to HIV and AIDS. This means moving away from programming on HIV and AIDS on a project-by-project basis, and toward a holistic, sector-wide view of the impacts and challenges of HIV.

EDUCAIDS has two primary goals:

  • To utilise education to help prevent the spread of HIV;
  • To protect the core functions of the education system from the worst effects of the epidemic.

Five Key Components


UNESCO and other EDUCAIDS partners support country-level efforts to promote comprehensive education sector responses to HIV and AIDS, plan and prioritise actions, and build partnerships and promote coordination. The five essential components are:

EDUCAIDS was launched in 2004 by the UNAIDS Committee of Cosponsoring Organizations, and is led by UNESCO as one of the Organization's three core initiatives to achieve the goal of Education for All (EFA).

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