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The drum beat 503: AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children

Among the many groups and individuals affected by the spread of the HIV virus worldwide are children. Whether HIV-positive themselves or affected by the HIV status of a parent or relative or by the death of one or both parents, children experience the consequences of HIV infection in their family. Grandparents and other relatives, religious and secular community groups, and regional, national, and international development groups have developed a variety of approaches and resources that specifically address the issues faced by AIDS orphans, other vulnerable children, and the people caring for them.

This collection of summaries from various knowledge sections on The Communication Initiative (CI) website is intended to indicate a few examples of strategies that work to support caregivers and build capacity for peer support, efforts to raise awareness and to advocate for this population group, and approaches to connecting with them through tools such as interpersonal communication, memory work, and filmmaking.

This issue includes: • Strategies to strengthen caregivers. • Where to look for more on orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). • Selected initiatives: access and voice • Vote in a poll on priority focus: marginalised girls. • Focus on advocacy (August 2009)

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