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Orphans and other vulnerable children support toolkit

The orphans and vulnerable children support toolkit is an electronic library of resources about support to orphans and vulnerable children that have been collated by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and Family Health International (FHI) from a wide range of organisations, based on the understanding that there are many good approaches to supporting orphans and vulnerable children.

This toolkit is for use by organisations and individuals working with orphans and other vulnerable children or planning to do so. They may be non-governmental organisations (NGOs), governmental organisations, community-based organisations (CBOs).

The toolkit systematically addresses a wide range of themes related to support for orphans and vulnerable children– for example: situation assessments, access to education, psychosocial support, children’s participation, and monitoring and evaluation. In addition to some 500 resources that can be downloaded using the toolkit, each theme and its sub-themes have an introduction which highlights key issues to consider for orphans and vulnerable children support programming. (2009)

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