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Kids ART Education Series - The children's treatment literacy toolkit

The package, Kids ART Education Series (KAES) shares knowledge, facts and a series of creative and fun activities, centered around children and antiretroviral therapy (ART). Children can share it with their peers, family, friends and other members in the community. Children living with HIV are a critical group of people living with HIV (PLHIV), and are often overlooked when efforts are made in promoting community ART literacy.

Inside the school box is an array of eight colourful animated booklets, an interactive poster, games and fun tools for helping children adhere to their treatment schedules. Together, these materials give children basic knowledge on HIV, link treatment with their daily life activities in practical ways, and give them a platform to share their fears, hopes and aspirations.

The eight booklets are designed to help children unpack the issues related to HIV and ART through various activities, learn simple facts, and then to participate in making a difference by taking action. The booklets cover specific and practical issues for the child, linking their treatment with family, their body, people who support them, their daily life and their future.

Through simple messages and cartoons, children learn to overcome challenges to adherence, side effects and changes in the body, and how to integrate treatment into daily living. And, most importantly, the series stimulates children to plan for their future and realize their hopes and dreams.

Strengthening the “circle of care” for children who are HIV positive or on ART is an important aim of the toolkit. Activities help children to identify point persons in their circle – friends, family members, teachers, health care workers – who support them in living positively and can help them counter negative influences to staying on treatment. (2008)

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