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Community engagement for antiretroviral treatment: Trainers’ manual

Participatory tools and activities for civil society organisations working with people with HIV

The number of people accessing antiretroviral treatment (ART) is rapidly expanding in many countries. There is increasing recognition of the importance of community-focused support for ART uptake and adherence in collaboration with formal health services. NGOs and CBOs therefore need appropriate training on ART and how it affects communities and people with HIV.

This manual is an Alliance response to these needs. It is designed for participatory training on comprehensive support for ART, targeted primarily at NGO and CBO staff and volunteers. It aims to inform and prepare them for meaningful and increased involvement in uptake, delivery and support of HIV testing, prevention and ARV treatment programmes. It is designed to assist in training facilitators who work directly with communities affected by HIV/AIDS. It is also a useful resource for health care staff who train community carers or health workers and for national and international organisations or consultants providing technical support to CBOs and NGOs.

The manual uses non-technical language, enabling trainees to use their knowledge to inform and support others in their communities. It is divided into thematic modules containing practical training activities, essential information and advice for trainers. The modules cover topics such as preparing for ARV treatment, supporting treatment adherence, prevention for HIV positive people, stigma and ARV treatment, treatment for children and, the role of CBOs and NGOs in supporting people on ARV treatment. (Also available in French)(2006)

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