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Sexual and reproductive health and rights

Evidence and rights based planning and support tool for SRHR /HIV-prevention interventions

Worldwide, extensive experience, evidence and information is available showing what works and what does not when implementing sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). This tool attempts to document the most importance evidence, in a way that is useful to organisations with limited time and resources, working in the day to day practice of SHRH education for young people. It has been tested in workshops in South Africa and Pakistan partner organisations who implement SRHR/HIV interventions for young people.

This tool is for project managers who either design new programmes or who evaluate existing programmes. It focuses on the planning of SRHR/ HIV prevention interventions for young people and consists of 28 indicators for successful/ effective education programmes. The indicators are based on existing theories and evidence and are based on the Intervention Mapping framework.

The tool looks at different approaches such as a theory and evidenced approach and a rights-based approach and then outlines six tools to support the following planning and implementation processes:

  • involvement •
  • needs assessment/situation analysis •
  • objectives •
  • evidence-based intervention design •
  • adoption and implementation •
  • monitoring and evaluation (World Population Fund 2009)

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