International Networking

International HIV/AIDS Alliance

The Alliance is a network of national, independent, locally governed and managed linking organisations working in 40 countries. Alliance linking organisations receive technical and financial assistance from the international secretariat. In turn, they support and develop thousands more non-governmental and community-based organisations.

Linking organisations are intermediaries; while they might provide some direct services, their main objective is to assist other groups responding to HIV and other health related issues such as tuberculosis and sexual and reproductive health.

Our Vision:

A world in which people do not die of AIDS.

For us, this means a world in which communities: have brought HIV under control by preventing its transmission; enjoy better health; and can fully exercise their human rights.

Our mission:

To support community action to prevent HIV infection, meet the challenges of AIDS, and build healthier communities.

Our strategy:

HIV and healthy communities: 2010-2012 voices the collective determination of Alliance Linking Organisations to move towards our vision of a world in which people do not die of AIDS.

The strategy has three aims:

Further information:

International HIV/AIDS Alliance