Sexual Rights: Giving Young People a Voice

Sexual Rights: Giving Young People a Voice

Online-Bulletin of the MMS/ conference of 8 May 2019

At this year’s Medicus Mundi Switzerland Network’s conference, young people from Zimbabwe, Paraguay, India, Germany and Switzerland demonstrated that the battle for sexual and reproductive health and rights can only be won if young people themselves take on the responsibility for programmes and projects.

There is ample evidence that overcoming young people’s health problems across the globe is hampered by the lack of effective communication about sex and sexuality. This means young people prefer to suffer in silence to avoid shame rather than to seek advice, information and help. Read for yourself the inspiring contributions from our young speakers in the current edition of our MMS Bulletin. (Photo: Timothy Choy-695130-unsplash)

Bulletin 151: Sexual Rights: Giving Young People a Voice

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