Special Edition for International Women’s Day

The Global Fund, 6 March 2015 - "Maurine Murenga’s story could begin on the morning she learned she was HIV positive. Or it could begin the afternoon when her boyfriend, who had also just tested HIV positive, left their shared apartment in Nairobi, Kenya, never to return, even though she was pregnant with their first baby.

Or it could start later, on the day when the results of an HIV test on her nine-month old son, Earl, came back positive. That news stunned her so badly she couldn’t find her way home.

But Maurine herself feels her real story begins a few years later. One day she arrived home to find Earl, then five years old, alone, crying hysterically for having been abandoned by a helper. The neighbors were taunting and shunning him for having “a bad disease.” The landlord soon demanded that she vacate her apartment. When Maurine left, tears in her eyes and son under her arm, she told herself she had to find a way to stop fearing HIV."

Read more about Maurine's story and how she became a fighter for young women and adolescents.

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