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AIDS, Poverty Reduction and Debt Relief

In the past two years we have seen unprecedented levels of political and institutional interest in reversing the course of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Political leadership has improved significantly in some of the worst-affected countries, thus providing a more favourable environment for the fight against the epidemic and its negative effects on development. At the same time, we know that other key elements necessary for a successful response to HIV/AIDS are: (i) a concerted effort to put the HIV/AIDS agenda into major development instruments, (ii) a massive mobilization of additional resources, (iii) a multisectoral approach and (iv) a scaling up of interventions that are based on the best available evidence.

This toolkit on mainstreaming HIV/AIDS programmes into development instruments is a key material in the UNAIDS best practice series.

The toolkit aims to enable country teams to develop useful materials on scaled-up HIV/AIDS programmes for inclusion in the PRSPs and HIPC documents.

The potential benefits of giving HIV/AIDS a prominent place in PRSPs and HIPC agreements include: greater political attention to and increased domestic funding for the national HIV/AIDS programme; a focus on achieving results in implementing a national HIV/AIDS programme; helping to forge greater consensus among stakeholders on the main strategies and medium-term goals in tackling the HIV/AIDS epidemic. (2011)

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