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Common cause, collective strength

Findings of an evaluation of support groups of women and children living with and/or affected by HIV/AIDS in three Indian states.

Key to the Alliance’s approach of ensuring the most effective response to HIV and AIDS is its commitment to ensuring communities are at the centre of any response with activities emphasising a community-driven and led focus.

A key activity for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in India has been the formation and capacity building of community support groups. This has proved to be an effective mechanism for providing psychosocial and emotional support amongst community members who are affected by and/or living with HIV/AIDS.

This report is an assessment of the impact of support groups of women and children in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi States and was carried out by means of a participatory evaluation. It provides some interesting insights into the working, dynamics and usefulness of such support groups and was seen by community participants as a two-way learning process, not merely an extractive tool for data collection. (2007)

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