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UNFPA, WHO and UNAIDS: Condoms play a central role

UNFPA, WHO and UNAIDS, New York, Geneva, 7 July 2015 - "Position statement on condoms and the prevention of HIV, other sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy. Condoms are a critical component in a comprehensive and sustainable approach to the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and are effective for preventing unintended pregnancies.

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South Africa is rebranding its condom campaign: will it work this time?

The conversation, 27 July 2015 - South Africa has still one of the highest HIV incidence in the world. To reduce the risk especially among the 15-24 year-olds the South African government has launched a new safe sex campaign.

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South Africa to use flavoured condoms to tackle HIV

BBC News - South Africa's government will distribute coloured and flavoured condoms, according to the health minister in order to counteract the decline in usage. (...)

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World must drastically accelerate AIDS efforts or face more HIV infections and deaths than five years ago—says UNAIDS and Lancet Commission

UNAIDS–Lancet Commission, London, 25 June 2015 - Countries most affected by HIV must focus on stopping new HIV infections and expanding access to antiretroviral treatment or risk the epidemic rebounding, urges a major new report from the UNAIDS and Lancet Commission.

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